1. Does company have your own workshop?

A: Yes. We have our own professional workshops as frame workshop, painting workshop, and fitting workshop.

2. What’s the function of Horse carriage?

A: Jinhua Beite Industry& Trade Co., Ltd. manufacture various kinds of horse carriages, different kinds have different function. Marathon training carriage (BTH-01, BTH-01D BTH-02) fits for marathon competition and training; Leisure sport carriage (BTH-03), 2-wheel cart (BTH-05 BTH-05P(pony carriage), and long carriage with 10 people (BTH-10) is popular in garden, recreational farm; Pony/cob competition carriage(BTH-04, BTH-04M, BTH-08, BTH-09) is designed for competition training; Pony performance carriage(BTH-06) manufactures for equestrian and arena. BTH-11, vis-a-vis wedding carriage, popular used for wedding horse drawn

3. What models and colors do your carriages have?

A: Company began to produce horse carriage in 2006. Now we have ten models of Marathon series, BTH-01, BTH-02, BTH-03, BTH-04, BTH-04M, BTH-05, BTH-06, BTH-08, BTH-09, BTH-10. The standard colors are red, dark blue, green, and black; If you want customize color, please inform us the color you want, and the RAL number.

4. How to choose the proper carriage? What sizes of horse do your carriage drawn?

A: Firstly, about the height of horse. One measure the horse by cm straight line from ground to top of withers (shoulders). Mini horse is from 90 cm to 100 cm; Shetland pony is usually 100 cm to 110 cm. Then we have three categories of ponies: 110 to 120cm A-pony, 120-130 cm is a B-pony, and a C pony is 130 cm to 140 cm. Then we have cob-size, also called D-pony from 140 cm to 148. Above that you call it a horse (Not pony or cob). About the wheels, in general 17 inch wheels for ponies, 19" wheels for cobs and 23 " for horse, and for bigger horses and draft horses you need 27" wheels. What we consider for a proper carriage are weight and seat-height of driver.

5. The frequent problem when driving carriage?

A: About painting, if it is scraped off, please fill it up with the small bottle of painting that we equipped together with carriage. About brake, if it is broken, please check the pump, and the connection of oil tube. About wheel, for the pneumatic wheel, it may leak due to be punctured, and the solid wheel would not happen this situation.

6. How about the transportation?

A: By car, by sea, and by air. Domestic transportation is usually by car; and shipping fits for overseas order; emergency and spare part can be delivered by air.

7. How long will it take after ordering?

A: If we have stock, your order can be finished within 7 working days; if the order has to customize, it may need 20 working days; if there are various horse carriage in the container, please negotiate with our salesman for the best time. Our capacity is 100 units/ month.

8. How long is the shipping?

A: That depends on the distance. Please inform us your nearest port, or specific address, we would check it for you.

9. What’s the payment?

A: T/T, and L/C , for the small order, we also accept Paypal

10. How is the after-sale service?

A: The guarantee of horse carriage (except seat, wheels, and rubber products) is 2 years. Please contact us if you meet anything during your driving, we would do our best to solve your problem.

11. What’s the Customs coding?

A: HS871680, you could check with local customs about the duty and other relative problems.

12. Can your company do Certificate of Origin?

A: Yes, we can do it for you.

13. Where are you located?

A: We are located in Jinhua, Zhejing, very near to Shanghai and Yiwu.

14. What's your main carriage market?

A:  Most of our carriage is European style, our main market spread in Spain, Franch, England, North Americac and Australia.

15. Does your company manufacture‘carriages’ for heavy horses?

A: We could customize many size of carriages for many horses, such as Clydesdales & Shires.

16. What's the the other name of the horse carriage?

A:  Horse cart, horse wagon, horse drawn vehicle, vis-a-vis wedding carriage, cinderella carriage.

17. How to choose the right horse carriage size?

First confirm the right model, there are pleasure carriage, horse training, competition, for showing and wedding carriage.

Second, measure your horse or pony, The height of horse is measured at the highest point of the withers.

18. What's the latest new model do you have?

Now Our products include: horse drawn hay wagonette, electric horseless wedding carriage, electric pumpkin carriage, pleasure horse cart, Kids pedal sulky cart

19. Do you provide the horse carriage parts?

Yes, now our horse carriage wheel is on sale, 125-138cm adjustable axle, stainless steel shafts, and we can customize the seat for you.

To build your own horse carriage, contact for more information

20. Do you have any model to brake the distance?

Yes, we have the new fifth brake to add in the carriage, it can brake the distance.

21. Where to buy marathon carriage?

We provide many type of marathon carriage, both solid wheel, pneumatic wheel could use.

You can order the horse carriage directly from http://www.etzrjj.tw/contact.asp

22.What is a marathon carriage?

A marathon carriage is generally more heavy duty than a horse drawn pleasure carriages. It is made with rough terrian and fast speeds in mind. High tech marathon vehicles are usually equipped with disc breakes and short turning abilities. They are also balanced to accomodate tighter turns and faster speeds without overturning.


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